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Never leave your command line for secrets

Teller is a productivity secret manager for developers supporting cloud-native apps and multiple cloud providers. Mix and match all vaults and other key stores and safely use secrets as you code, test, and build applications. It's quick, easy, and safe.
Download Teller
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$ brew tap spectralops/tap && brew install teller


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Every secret, readily available

Create a simple configuration for mixing any number of vaults and key stores using your cloud-native clusters or traditional cloud providers.

project: billing_service
stage: demo
path: /{{stage}}/billing-svc/MAILGUN_KEY
decrypt: true

Keep your infosec happy

Teller is open source and secure by-design. It also helps maintaining great secrets hygiene and prevents secret sprawl

Use your blessed vaults

Avoid custom scripts and unapproved 3rd parties. Use your CISO/infosec approved vaults, and help keep company policies

Keep a healthy posture

Using Teller helps keep a healthy posture. When you have an easy way to use secrets, you don’t stick’em in code or in various funny configs.

Teller is open source

Teller is completely open source and transparent at what it does. You can also add your own providers.

Help us grow Teller

Teller is open source and is built by developers who love security and productivity at Spectral. We’re accepting pull requests!

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